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zero paraglider school E-mail:

The tide of paraglider "A sandhill school"

【STEP1】 Meet at "Rakudaya"
Please report at the reception.
Don`t forget to use the restroom.
【STEP2】 Carrying the paragliding equipment to the entrance.
【STEP3】 We go to the best location depending on the wind condition.
【STEP4】 Please take the flying lessons.
Please listen carefully.
【STEP5】 After training, please open your paraglider, and listen for further instraction.
【STEP6】 You must operate your paraglider by your self.
Let's practice on the graund.
【STEP7】 If the wind condition is good, let's try it.
【STEP8】 Even if you're pulled up and almost floating, you must keep running.
【STEP9】 And a flight!
【STEP10】 Please operate your paraglider following the instructor's orders, don't be afraid even if you can't fly.
【STEP11】 If you pull a left cord,you'll go left and if you pull a right cord, you'll go right.
【STEP12】 After you make a successful landing, you must carry your paraglider back to the starting position.
※Children or people who aren't confident of their physical stregth.
【STEP13】 After you go back to the starting position, please take a rest.
If you feel good and a wind condition is good, do that again.

Clothing:Sport wear/confortable/it's ok to get dirty and sneakers.
※flipflops are not allowed.
For people with sensitive skin, we recommend long sleeves and jeans to prevent sunburn.

things you reed:gloves, water (you should prepare a lot of drinks)in summer.

convinient things:hat or cap, sunglasses(Especially people who wear contactlenses), towel, suncreen, camera(camera case is necessary for preventing getting darty),health insurance card.